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CSSW COVID-19 Updates

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Field Education

Kathryne Leak
Associate Dean and Director of Field Education
khl6@columbia.edu 212-851-2312 Room 509
Atavia Whitfield

aw2555@columbia.edu 347-712-1077 Room 503
Hans Bernier
Associate Director
Schools and Schools-based Services
 hb2653@columbia.edu 212-853-8243 Room 504
Jenny Crawford
Associate Director
Contemporary Social Issues
jgc91@columbia.edu 212-851-2308 Room 506
Ericka M. Echavarria
Associate Director
Aging; International, Immigrant, and Refugee Services
 eme2116@columbia.edu  212-851-2396 Room 507
Su Jin Feuer
Associate Director of Field Education
Online Campus
 sk3895@columbia.edu 646-856-7940
Amanda Glass
Associate Director
Health, Mental Health and Disabilities: Mental Health Services
aeg2181@columbia.edu 212-851-2310 Room 508
Noemy Santos
Associate Director
Health, Mental Health and Disabilities: Social Work in Healthcare
nls2156@columbia.edu 212-851-2310 Room 510
Mary Sawyer
Associate Director of Field Education Systems and Reporting
 mrs31@columbia.edu 212-853-8084
James Singletary
Associate Director
Aging; World of Work; and Tristate Area
js2864@columbia.edu 212-851-2251 Room 503
Ovita Williams
Associate Director
Family, Youth & Children’s Services
ofw1@columbia.edu  212-851-2309 Room 505
Kristin Battista-Frazee
Associate Director
Online Program
 kb2956@columbia.edu 646-831-4340
Sheryl Sodohoue
Department Manager
sns14@columbia.edu  212-851-2314 Room 511
Princess Dennis
Department Administrator
 pd2559@columbia.edu 212-854-6572 Room 511