Anindita Dasgupta

Dr. Dasgupta is an Associate Research Scientist in the Social Intervention Group (SIG), at Columbia University School of Social Work. Dr. Dasgupta’s research examines how gendered inequities of health, such as gender-based violence intersects with sexual and reproductive health, substance use, HIV risk, and among girls and women in the United States, Central Asia, India, and the Middle East.

Dr. Dasgupta completed her PhD at the University of California, San Diego in 2015, after which she began a postdoctoral fellowship at SIG on the NIDA-funded T32 Training Program in HIV and Substance Use in the Criminal Justice System. As a T32 trainee, Dr. Dasgupta conducted epidemiologic research highlighting the need to address sexual and reproductive health concerns among women who use drugs and are affected by HIV.

In addition, during this time, Dr. Dasgupta co-founded a multidisciplinary initiative called ASPIRE, which stands for Advancing Solutions in Policy, Implementation, Research and Engagement for Refugees – a program within SIG dedicated to leading meaningful research to respond to issues of forced migration. ASPIRE focuses on response efforts to the Syrian refugee crisis in Turkey, through the Providers ASPIRE study, and in Jordan, through the Women ASPIRE study. Dr. Dasgupta, and members of the ASPIRE team recently returned from Jordan and Turkey to meet with ASPIRE partners in-country, and validate study findings.