The Office of Advising

The Office of Advising supports students’ graduate success.

Each student is assigned an advisor who is the “point person” for their Generalist and Specialization year at the Columbia School of Social Work. The advisor approaches the student’s education from a holistic perspective, considering academics, practicum and life issues that may impact the student's graduate school performance.

You will be assigned an Advisor prior to the first week of class. You will be added to a Canvas site managed by your Advisor, which will include your Advisor's name and contact information.

NOTE: If you have questions about who your Advisor is, your academic program/plans, class scheduling or registration prior to orientation, please contact the Office of Advising by emailing [email protected] or making an appointment.


The Office of Advising utilizes a holistic model to support students. Advisors are assigned a cohort of approximately 20 students. The Advisor is your primary resource for academics, practicum learning, and personal matters that may impact your graduate school performance. You can expect mentorship from a seasoned social work practitioner, which includes facilitated advising seminars, a virtual visit to your practicum site, one-on-one meetings each semester to discuss your graduate experience, and email/phone contact as needed.

Over the academic year, you will attend required advising seminars with your cohort to support your professional social work practice development and to cultivate a supportive group of peers. Meeting dates will be posted on Canvas.

If you’re not able to reach your advisor, you should contact the Office of Advising via email at [email protected].

Advising Staff

Moira Curtain
Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Dean of Students

Yesika Montoya
Director of Advising

Rebecca Braun-Slife
Associate Director of Advising

Barbara Victome
Associate Director