Practicum Educators

Hosting Students

Your Social Work Practicum may have been the most influential part of your graduate school experience and professional development.  You can pass on your expertise while you partner with a top-ranked MSW Program by hosting our Master of Social Work students

Benefits for Practicum Instructors

  • Staff with two years of work experience can qualify for the One-Year Residency for Working Professionals (OYR) Program.
  • Eligible employees who enroll in the OYR program and work for agencies that have hosted students for more than three years receive a 50% tuition reduction at CSSW.
  • Hire Columbia graduates
  • Practicum instructors have access to academic advisors to support you and your assigned student
  • Discounts on CSSW workshops that offer CEUs.

Practicum Requirements

Each term, students attend practicum for 14, 21, or 28 hours per week, depending on their degree pathway.

  1. Part-time Program Students - two days a week (14 hours). Students complete 1,200 hours at two different placement sites over six terms.
  2. Two-year, 16-month, and Part-time to Full-time Students - three days a week (21 hours) for a total of 1,200 hours at two different placement sites over four terms.
  3. Advanced Standing and Transfer students - three days a week (21 hours) over two terms, at one placement for 600 hours of practicum.
  4. One-Year Residency for Working Professionals Program students - 28 hours a week for a total of 900 practicum hours.

Still have questions? See our FAQ.

Interested in hosting a CSSW Student? Please fill out the Placement Request Form.

Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI)

The Seminar in Field Instructions (SIFI) assists new practicum instructors in mastering teaching techniques and imparting the skills social work students need to achieve competency in particular social work methods.

The seminar is twelve or three weeks and is offered twice a year, in fall and spring. Continuing Education Credits are awarded to qualifying NYS, NJ and CT licensed Social Workers. Licensed Social Workers for other states, please contact SWOPE.  Columbia University School of Social Work is a CSWE-accredited institution.

More information on the general and CE requirements here.

Student Practicum Evaluations

At the end of each semester, practicum instructors complete evaluations for the students they have supervised that term. These evaluations are implemented using an online survey tool. In general, the procedure is:

  1. The practicum instructor receives an email with a link to each student's evaluation.
  2. The practicum instructor completes the evaluation.
  3. The practicum instructor and student receive email summaries of the evaluation; the practicum instructor's email includes a link to revise the evaluation if needed.
  4. The practicum instructor and student meet and review the evaluation.
  5. The student completes a survey acknowledging review of the evaluation with the practicum instructor.
  6. A final PDF summary report of the evaluation is emailed to the instructor, student, advisor, and the Office of Practicum Learning.

Evaluation forms vary by year of practice and specialization area. To preview the contents of the forms, see the following: