The Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs helps students with course registration, cross-registration, transfer credits, summer session scheduling, providing policies on schedule changes, disability accommodations and much more.

To get involved in a student group and other extra-curricular activities at the School, visit Student Life.

Funding Student Events

The Student Activity Fee covers the cost of most of the School’s student events. Each year, student representatives and each of the caucus leaders submit a budget proposal to the Office of Student Affairs detailing their planned events for the academic year. Once their budgets have been approved, they start putting those events in place.

Student Affairs Team

Cheiku Camara

Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

Ana Angeles

Associate Director of Student Leadership and Engagement

Cavi Fazio

Associate Director, Student Affairs

Allison Aguilar

Student Affairs Administrator

Betty Gee

File Room Coordinator

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