Computing and Instructional Technology

The Office of Computing and Instructional Technology (OCIT) provides computing and instructional technology support to faculty members, researchers, administrators and students. The OCIT team, with their extensive experience and expertise, provisions, manages, and supports all OCIT managed desktops, laptops, as well as printing and unified communication services. They provide guidance and recommendations for technology solutions, provide assistance with institutional IT-related purchases, deploy equipment and technology, and ensure adherence to data security and privacy regulations. 

Additionally, the members of the office manage and provide a wide-range of IT-related resources and tools (e.g., CourseWorks-Canvas, Qualtrics, Turnitin, Columbia Pro Zoom Account, STATA SE, Box, etc.) essential for staff and students alike. Beyond the management of computing, data and communication services, the OCIT team maintains and supports all audio visual infrastructure for classrooms, conference rooms, specialized rooms, shared computers and network printers. The team also maintains and provides ongoing support for the School’s residential onsite and online courses as well as virtual meetings, workshops, trainings, webinars, special events and help desk assistance to all faculty, administrators, researchers, and students. 

Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself (Suite 419).  You can also email your questions to [email protected] or call us at 212-851-2345

Meet the Team

Lutfur Bhuiya

Senior Systems Manager

Mighty Bornfreedom

Instructional Technology Specialist

Sam Cho

Associate Research Systems Engineer

Oscar Cruz-Fong

Assistant Research Systems Engineer

Ian Danquah

Instructional Technology Specialist

Emily LuShing

Instructional Technology Manager

Ann Mccann Oakley

Associate Dean of Computing and Instructional Technology

Vivianna Rodriguez

Senior Administration Coordinator

Ashley Roman

Instructional Technology Specialist

Daniel Shultz

IT Systems Coordinator

Josephine Tatel

Assistant Director, Instructional Technology

Still Have Questions? Contact Us

Classroom Tech Support or Course Video Related Questions: [email protected]

Computing, Printing, and RingCentral Phone Services: [email protected]

CourseWorks-Canvas: [email protected]

AV for Events: [email protected]

Or call us: 212.851.2345

Walk-in: Mondays - Thursdays, 9:00am to 5:00pm

ET Virtual: Fridays, 9:00am to 5:00pm ET