Christopher T. Wimer

Christopher Wimer directs the Center on Poverty and Social Policy at the Columbia University School of Social Work. He is also a Principal Investigator on the Robin Hood Poverty Tracker, which measures poverty and wellbeing in New York City. Wimer conducts research on the measurement of poverty, as well as historical trends in poverty and the impacts of social policies on the poverty rate. He also focuses on how families cope with poverty and economic insecurity, with a particular focus on how families manage food insecurity and other forms of material hardship. His work pays particular attention to the role of government policies and programs and their potential impacts on the wellbeing of low-income families and children. His work has been featured in leading scientific journals including DemographyJournal of Policy Analysis and ManagementSocial Service ReviewSocial Science ResearchCriminology, and the Journal of Marriage and Family. Wimer received his PhD in Sociology and Social Policy from Harvard University.