Staff Directory

The Columbia School of Social Work has a dedicated team of senior leaders and administrative staff members. Click on the collapsible items below for complete staff listings and contact information.


Senior Administration and Dean’s Office

Melissa Begg
Dean 212-851-2289 Suite 615
Gerard Bueno
Senior Associate Dean, Administration, Finance & Planning 212-851-2354 Room 604
Moira Curtain
Assistant Dean and Director, Advising  212-851-2469 Room 529
Jim W. Glover
Senior Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives 212-853-7091 Suite 610

Monique M. Jethwani
Assistant Dean, Faculty Development and Academic Affairs 212-851-2398 Room 608
Starsha Jordan
Administrative Assistant 212-853-7240 Room 615-D
Stacy Kass
Associate Dean, Development & External Relations  212-851-2370 Room 626
Kathryne Leak
Associate Dean, Field Education 212-851-2312 Room 509
Michael Lovaglio
Associate Dean, Enrollment & Student Services 212-851-2359 Room 522
Karma Lowe
Assistant Dean, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 212-851-2364 Room 523
Matthea Marquart
Assistant Dean of Online Education 212-854-8833 Room 1105
Ann McCann Oakley
Associate Dean, Computing & Instructional Technology 212-851-2329 Room 416
Desmond U. Patton
Associate Dean, Curriculum Innovation & Academic Affairs 212-851-2238 Room 809
Larrita Riggs
Executive Assistant to the Dean 212-853-0306 Room 615-B
Susan V. Smith
Chief of Staff 212-851-5970 Room 615-C
Julien Teitler
Senior Associate Dean, Research & Academic Affairs 212-854-2264 Room 619


Academic Programs

Office of Academic Affairs

Desmond U. Patton
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 212-851-2238 Room 809
Monique M. Jethwani
Assistant Dean, Faculty Development and Academic Affairs 212-851-2398 Room 608
Jackie Martinez
Associate Director, Academic Affairs: Administration 212-851-2286 Room 620-B
Huimin Herling
Program Coordinator 212-854-4996


Office of the Online Campus

Matthea Marquart
Assistant Dean of Online Education 212-854-8833 Room 1105
Atavia Whitfield
Associate Director, Field Education  212 851-2316 Room 503
Kristin Garay
Manager of Online Campus Technologies 212-853-1652
Rebecca Chung
Program Manager 212-853-1725
Johanna Creswell Baez
Program Manager

Office of Continuing Education and Professional Excellence

Tiffany L. Rasmussen
Director of Office of Professional Excellence 212-854-4378 Room 612
Nasia Daley
Program Manager 212-851-2513 Room 620-A

Office of the Doctoral Program

Carmela Alcántara
Chair 212-851-2385 Room 919

Jessica Troiano
Director 212-851-2389 Room 919

Anna Calderon
Program Coordinator 212-854-9220 Room 728A

Academic Support


Moira Curtain
Assistant Dean & Director, Office of Advising 212-851-2469 Room 529
Herbert Hugh
Associate Director 212-851-4493 Room 513
Monica Joseph
Associate Director 212-851-2317 Room 530
Yesika Montoya
Associate Director 212-851-2392 Room 529-A

Computing and Instructional Technology

Ann McCann Oakley
Associate Dean 212-851-2329 Room 416
Josephine Tatel
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology 212-851-2340 Room 417
Lutfur Bhuiya
Systems Manager 212-851-2347 Room 418
Ed Cardona
Senior Instructional Technology Specialist 212-851-2489 Room 419
Ian Danquah
Instructional Technology Specialist 212-851-2343 Suite 419
Vivianna Carriel-Rodriguez
Senior Administrative Coordinator 212-851-2328 Room 419
Elizabeth Kwon
Assistant Systems Engineer  212-853-1668 Room 418-A
Lauren Mahncke
Digital Media Manager  212-853-1776 Room 419
Daniel Shultz
IT Systems Coordinator 212-851-2895 Room 418-A

Field Education

Kathryne Leak
Associate Dean and Director of Field Education 212-851-2312 Room 509
Cindy Bautista-Thomas
Associate Director
Aging; Schools and School-Based Services 212-851-2311 Room 504
Jenny Crawford
Associate Director
Contemporary Social Issues 212-851-2308 Room 506
Ericka M. Echavarria
Associate Director
Aging and International, Immigrant, and Refugee Services  (212) 851-2396 Room 507
Amanda Glass
Associate Director
Health, Mental Health and Disabilities 212-851-2310 Room 508
James Singletary
Associate Director
Aging, World of Work, Tristate Area 212-851-2251 Room 503
Atavia Whitfield
Associate Director
Online Program 347-712-1077
Ovita Williams
Associate Director
Family, Youth & Children’s Services  212-851-2309 Room 505
Kristin Battista-Frazee
Associate Director
Online Program 646-831-4340
Sheryl Sodohoue
Department Manager  212-851-2314 Room 511
Princess Dennis
Department Administrator 212-854-6572 Room 511


Writing Center

Adam Pellegrini
Director 212-851-2232 Room 413

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

2019-2020 Diversity Committee

2019–2020 Diversity Committee

This committee is charged with improving the systematic attention given to concerns related to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. In addition to faculty and administrators, there are multiple student members. This committee typically meets once per month.

Melissa Begg
Dean, Professor
Karma Lowe
Assistant Dean, DEI
Chris Won
Program Coordinator, DEI
Moira Curtain
Assistant Dean, Director, Advising
Courtney D. Cogburn
Associate Professor
Rick Greenberg
Idris A Hamid
Elwin Wu
Ovita F. Williams
Associate Director, Field Education
Desmond Patton
Associate Professor, Associate Dean, Curriculum Innovation &
Academic Affairs
Julien Teitler
Professor; Senior Associate Dean, Research & Academic Affairs
Adam J. Pellegrini
Director, Writing Center
Lorenzo Shaw-Graham
Student (final year)
Richard A Unite
Student (first year)
Sanjana Nidugondi
Student (first year)
Yunhe Bai
Student (first year)

Diversity Committee Goals

  • To promote and support the ongoing recruitment and retention of students, faculty, and staff of color and other underrepresented groups at CSSW
  • To support the Academic Affairs team, course conveners and DEI Office in suffusion of the Power, Race, Oppression and Privilege (PROP) framework throughout the curriculum, administrative practices and school policies
  • To encourage faculty, students and administrative teams to build collaborative, and mutually-beneficial partnerships between CSSW and communities
  • To support the Assistant Dean of DEI in developing systems of accountability for social justice, equity, and inclusion work within and beyond CSSW

  • To support the Assistant Dean of DEI in coordinating school-wide DEI strategic planning efforts

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Karma Lowe
Assistant Dean, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 212-851-2364 Room 523
Christopher Won
Program Coordinator 212-853-7045 Room 533

Student Support


Michael Lovaglio
Associate Dean 212-851-2359 Room 522
David Stephens
Acting Director, Admissions 212-854-0039 Room 2304
Natasha Stanislas
Assistant Director, Admissions 212-851-2303 Room 515
Ronald Vargas Benavides
Systems Administrator 212-851-2366 Room 514-F
Emily Dennis
Admissions Counselor 212-851-2302 Room 515
Jennifer Ramlall
Administrative Assistant 212-851-2301 Room 514-H

Career Services and Leadership Management

Michael Lovaglio
Associate Dean 212-851-2359 Room 522
Tomomi C. Uetani
Director 212-851-2321 Room 525
Rawlisha Peña
Assistant Director 212-851-2399 Room 526

Enrollment and Student Services

Michael Lovaglio
Associate Dean 212-851-2359 Room 522
Cheiku Camara
Director 212-851-2436 Room 520
Ana Angeles
Events and Program Manager 212-851-2358 Room 514-A
Xavier Valasquez
Student Services Program Manager 212-851-2367 Room 514-D
Gabriella Fazio
Student Services Officer
Betty Gee
File Room Coordinator 212-851-2362 Room 514-G

Financial Aid

Michael Lovaglio
Associate Dean 212-851-2359 Room 522
Giancarlo Annese
Director 212-851-2193 Room 524
Mia Gantt
Assistant Director 212-851-2295 Room 518
Milagros Agostini
Assistant Director 212-851-2296 Room 519
Pamela Kelly
Financial Aid Counselor 212-851-2365 Room 521

Alumni Support

Alumni Relations

Stacy Kass
Associate Dean; Director 212-851-2370 Room 626
Jennifer March
Associate Director 212-851-2372 Room 628

Faculty Research Support

Sponsored Projects

Katherine Rochmat
Director 212-851-2348 Room 609
Amanda Erekson
Associate Director 212-851-2349 Room 623
Saenam Kim
Grants Manager 212-854-9803 Room 622

Administrative Support

Administrative Services

Richard Heaps
Director of Facilities and Administrative Services 212-851-2208 Room 1121
Roberto Aquino
Mail Room Supervisor 212-851-2201 Room 104
Erickson Castillo
Mail Clerk 212-851-2202 Room 104
Mario Pereira
Duplicating/Printing Operator 212-851-2212 Room 103
Noris Schrils
Information Operator 212-851-2200 Reception

Financial Management

Gerard Bueno
Associate Dean 212-851-2354 Room 604
Kathleen Dodd
Director of Financial Management 212-851-2357 Room 605
Sanel Burkic
Financial Manager 212-851-2353 Room 602-C
Katia Pereira
Financial Assistant 212-851-2356 Room 602-D

Human Resources

Donna Francis
Director of HR  212-851-2487 Room 606
Shenell Mills
HR Coordinator 212-854-9436 Room 602-A
Brittany McKeldin
HR Manager 212-851-2352 Room 602-B

Leadership Sponsored Initiatives


Mary-Lea Cox Awanohara
Director 212-851-2327 Room 630
John Bohn
Communications Coordinator  212-854-6716 Room 629-C
Katrin Kalketenidis
Web Design and Multimedia Specialist 212-854-1143 Room 624-A
David Licata
Multimedia Specialist 212-854-8194 624-B
Dorothy Robinson
Communications Assistant 212-853-0205 624-C
Janet Young
Communications Writer 212-854-3788 629-D


Stacy Kass
Associate Dean; Director 212-851-2370 Room 626
Gretchen Knudsen
Associate Director, Development 212-851-2368 Room 627
Jennifer March
Associate Director 212-851-2372 Room 628
Daniel Giles
Donor Relations Writer 212-851-2371 Room 629-B
Kara Maser
Donor Relations Coordinator 212-851-2370 Room 629-A

Institutional Research and Evaluation

Ned Walsh
Director 212-851-2341 Room 610
Francisco Monterroso
Assistant Director 212-851-2468 Room 620-E

Social Work Library

Office of the Librarian

Sophia Leveque
Social Science and Social Work Research Support Librarian 212-851-2195 Room 213
James Morris
Supervisor, Social Work Library 212-851-2197 Room 212

Administrative Offices

General Contact Information

ADMISSIONS 212-851-2400 514-H
ALUMNI 212-851-2371 629
CAREER DEVELOPMENT 212-851-2321 525
COMMUNICATIONS 212-851-2327 630
COMPUTING HELP DESK 212-851-2345 419
DEVELOPMENT 212-851-2375 629
DOCTORAL OFFICE 212-851-2389 919
FINANCIAL AID 212-851-2293 519
STUDENT SERVICES 212-851-2436; 212-851-2367 526
WORKPLACE CENTER 212-851-2256 1106
WRITING CENTER 212-851-2232 402