Room Reservations

The Columbia School of Social Work’s building, located at 1255 Amsterdam Avenue, is an instructional facility dedicated to the educational and research needs of Social Work students and faculty. The spaces are primarily used for the School of Social Work’s courses and other academic activities. The School can accommodate requests for rooms, if space is available, to be used by Columbia Affiliates and external groups outside the University.

Columbia School of Social Work (CSSW) accepts reservations for space use on a prioritized basis from the User Groups listed below. Please note that spaces are in high demand for School of Social Work courses, meetings, advising sessions, and other academic activities.

  • Internal Users (School of Social Work)
  • University Users (Columbia University Affiliates)
  • External Users (Non-Affiliates: Groups/Organizations without affiliation to the School or University)

For more Information on Policies, Room Types, Floor Plans, AV Services, and Fees:

Policies at CSSW

Through your EMS Web App account, you may directly reserve conference rooms and request classrooms and breakout rooms. NOTE: For login assistance, please contact [email protected].

If you would like to reserve classrooms, conference rooms, or breakout rooms, please check room availability and then send an email request to Instructional Support Services (ISS): [email protected]. NOTE: Instructors who would like to make a one-time classroom switch, combine classes, or extend class time should email Instructional Support Services (ISS) at [email protected]. ISS will coordinate the changes, then Room Reservations will update EMS.

To make a room reservation to meet with your students, please complete the following three steps:

  1. Check room availability on the EMS Web App.
  2. Download the Advisor Room Request Form (MS word: 1 page) and fill out. NOTE: This form can also be found in Course Works, under “Files & Resources.”
  3. E-mail the form to [email protected].

Please log in to your EMS Web App account to check room availability and reserve a room. NOTE: For login assistance, please contact [email protected].

Recognized student groups may reserve rooms and common areas on floors 4, 3, 2, and the concourse level. For further information and assistance, please contact the Program & Events Coordinator at [email protected], in the Office of Student Services. Questions? Please email [email protected].

If you are a CU Affiliate, please refer to our CSSW Facilities Use Policy and CSSW Facilities Use Agreement to make a reservation request. You will need to fill out the Social Work-Event Reservation Form to initiate a room request.

Please send your room reservation request to [email protected].

If you are not affiliated with Columbia University, please review our CSSW Facilities Use Policy and complete the CSSW Facilities Use Agreement. Send the completed form and request to [email protected].

Room Types

Classrooms have a Dell Optiplex computer with high-speed Internet connection, a projection system, DVD/CD player, VCR, and audio system. Overhead projectors are available on request. Requests must be made two business days in advance.

Designed for small classes, seminar rooms include a Dell Optiplex computer, a projection system, DVD/CD player, VCR, audio system, and wireless network capability.

Designed for small group meetings, conference rooms include a wireless Crestron control panel, high-speed Internet connection, a projection system, DVD/CD player, VCR, audio system, and wireless network capability. There is a network connection and power located in a floor box under the conference room table for laptop connectivity. It is strongly encouraged to test your laptop prior to the start of your meeting. If you would like an AV orientation to a conference room, please email your request to [email protected] with a minimum of two business days’ notice.

Case-study rooms have fixed desks and tiered seating. There is a podium at the front of the room with a microphone, Dell Optiplex computer with high-speed Internet connection, a projection system, DVD/CD player, VCR, and audio system. These rooms have video conference capabilities, with 2 projectors, microphones at every other seat. Requests must be made in writing two months in advance.

Equipped with 25 Dell Optiplex stations as well as an Instructor Desk, the electronic classroom is designed and used for lab exercises. It can function as either an electronic classroom with student computers or as a traditional classroom with desk space.

Role-play rooms are used to video-record client interviews and mock client interviews for review. Microphones and digital cameras are installed in these rooms and can send signals back to the CMHE for distribution. These rooms can only be requested by the CSSW community.

These rooms are designed to accommodate small groups. There is no AV equipment, but wireless network is available.

These rooms are designed to accommodate small groups. The AV equipment available is a PC and Webcam for remote group work, meetings, interviews, etc. There is also a laptop input, ethernet cable, and power outlets available in the desk cubby. Wireless network is available.

Floor Plans


Social Work Building Room Rental Fees

Certain events depending on the day, time and room may require charges.

Labor Charge (for changes/additions to standard classroom layout):

  • Seating for 120 guests (side tables) in 311 & 312 — $900 (estimate)
  • Classroom furniture setup, additional tables or chairs — $650 (estimate)
  • Classroom re-arrangement of chairs or tables — $300 (estimate)

Custodial Charge (for cleanup after event): $55-75/hour

For Columbia University or CSSW events, custodial charges are billed directly from Columbia University Facilities. This is just a guide to calculate an estimate for your event. There is a 1-hour minimum for cleanup after each event. If custodial staff is needed after 2:30pm Monday-Friday and at any time on weekends for an event, there is a 4-hour minimum.

If there will be food served for an event, custodial clean-up is mandatory and you will be charged.

Security Charge (applies after posted building hours): $67/hour


CSSW Internal Users please contact [email protected]
Columbia Affiliates and Non-Affiliates please contact [email protected] for assistance with your reservation.