Audio Visual Services

The Social Work Audio Visual (SWAV) team manages AV Services in all classrooms and conference rooms within the Social Work Building.

Basic AV Services

Basic AV (see Standard Equipment below) is available in all classrooms and conference rooms and offered to all CSSW affiliates (Social Work courses, administrative departments, student caucus groups, and research projects) free of charge during standard hours of operation in the fall and spring terms.

AV charges apply to all customers unaffiliated with CSSW.


  • AV services must be included in your room reservation request via EMS Web App, [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] and be made at least five (5) business days in advance of the date of the event.
  • Room reservations should be submitted with actual event times. If you need additional time to set up please note it or email the request.
  • Unfamiliar with the classrooms in the Social Work Building? See chart listing each room and its available equipment (PDF: 1 page).

Need help with using available AV equipment?  Please email us to schedule a 15-20 minute training session. If possible, include dates, times, and the classroom room number.

Each classroom and conference room is equipped with:

  • campus telephone
  • PC (Windows 10)
  • LCD projector with screen or LCD screen
  • cables for laptop connections
  • sound system
  • microphones
  • cameras (connected to local PC only)

Available at no charge upon request (subject to availability):

  • MAC adapters
  • document camera
  • wireless microphone (in classrooms only)

Hourly Rates & AV Technician / Tech Support Requirements

CSSW Affiliates: Hourly AV Technician/Tech Support rates apply and are required for all audiovisual services requested outside CSSW’s hours of operation and for specific services and rooms with special equipment setups. See the list below.

Non-CSSW Affiliates: Hourly AV Technician/Tech Support rates always apply for meetings, events, and classes. See the list below.

PLEASE NOTE: All meetings and events are required to have a minimum of one hour of setup/training time before the listed start time for meetings and events and thirty minutes of breakdown time following the listed end time for meetings and events. If you would like the AV available to you sooner please make that inquiry in your initial reservation request.

  • A confirmed room reservation time which is different from the event start time must be distinct and listed in your EMS reservation (e.g. Reservation Time: 8am-5:30pm, Event Time: 9am-5pm)
  • Reservation Time is when the group would like access to the room before the start of the event.
  • Event Time is when the actual formal proceeding of the event will start.
  • An event program is required and should be provided with your initial reservation request.
  • The number of AV Technician/Tech Support and setup time required may vary and are scheduled based on the complexity and size of the meeting and event.
  • There is a minimum two and a half hour charge for both AV Technician and AV Tech Support services.
  • AV services and rates are subject to change without prior notice.

There are two tiers of support, depending on the complexity of the requirements and room type:

AV Tech Support, $55/hour: Flexible Classrooms (3rd & 4th Floors) & Seminar Rooms (C-Level, C01 & C02 only).

Covers the unlocking, setup, prepping/training, and locking of Basic AV in the room and providing phone support during the meeting or event.

AV Technician, $85/hour: Required room 311/312 Podium Package, Concourse Level (C03, C05 & C06).

Covers more complex AV services and support, including but not limited to portable podium setup, wired microphone setup for panels, video recording, monitoring online services like CSSW ZOOM, Google Meets, or Adobe Connect accounts, any other special AV services, and providing phone support during the meeting or event.

  • Video recording (no post-production or video hosting services available)
  • Video piping-in/Spillover rooms
  • ZOOM (using school account and support)

The use of AV in any of the following rooms at any time—including standard hours-of-operation—will require SWAV staff/technical support, and will incur hourly rate charges (minimum of two hours and a half):

  • 401 Electronic Classroom
  • Role Play Rooms (special request, dedicated to CSSW courses)
  • 311/312 Podium Package – AV Setup

Late Request Fee: $150

A $150 Late Request Fee will apply for AV requested within five (5) business days before the event to cover administrative costs.

Cancellation Fee: $150 or 10% of AV Services

A minimum of $150 or 10% of AV Services, whichever is greater, will apply if AV is canceled within five (5) business days of the event to cover administrative costs.

No Show Fee: $150 or Full AV Services

A minimum of $150 or Full AV Services, whichever is greater, will apply if events/reservations with scheduled AV are not canceled in EMS, and the event does not occur (No Show), to cover administrative costs.


Please contact us as far in advance as possible to schedule the services you need; we recommend a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice. For larger events such as all-day conferences, we recommend six (6) weeks’ notice to ensure that AV staff is available. AV services are not automatically guaranteed for events that fall outside standard hours of operation, such as on weekends or during school breaks. For AV services questions, email [email protected].

If your questions have not been answered on this page, we invite you to visit or contact us. The Social Work Building’s AV offices are located on the 4th floor, in suite 419. We can also be contacted by email ([email protected]) or phone at 212-851-2345.

Examples of Meeting and Event AV Technician / Tech Support Charges

Your AV should be free as the screening will take place during standard hours of operation, and as a student group, you are considered an affiliate of the School of Social Work.

The charges for the scenario you describe will most likely total $1,615. The breakdown is as follows:

  • AV Technician: 311/312 Multipurpose Room with Podium Package => 9.5hrs x $85/hour = $807.50 (includes coordination, prep, setup, break down and support).
  • If the event requires an Overflow/Spiller room, CSSW ZOOM account, or video recording, an additional AV technician is required: 9.5hrs x $85/hour = $807.50.

Faculty conference rooms are self-service. If you would like an orientation to the conference room AV equipment, please email [email protected] or call 212-851-2345, option 2, in advance of your meeting to schedule a training session. If you require assistance with the AV equipment for your PowerPoint presentation, please be sure to:

  • Indicate this on the Room Reservations form in the V-EMS.
  • Submit the V-EMS reservations form FIVE BUSINESS DAYS IN ADVANCE of your event.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not submit the request for Basic AV five business days in advance, our services, even for Basic AV, are not guaranteed and AV charges may apply.

Standard Hours of Operation (effective January 17, 2023):

During the active term, SWAV’s standard hours of operation are as follows. All times are in ET.

On University Holidays, the School is closed and AV services are not available. During Spring Break AV Services are not available.

During the active term (while CSSW courses meet), Basic AV is available for CSSW affiliates (CSSW instructors, staff, and student caucuses) free of charge during the Standard Hours of Operation, and conditional on the submission of the request in EMS with a five (5) full business days advance written request and approval.

*For Core School and Curriculum Events Basic AV is available on Fridays from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and conditional on the submission of the request in EMS with a five (5) full business days advance written request and approval.

Without the five (5) full business days advance notice AV fees (Last Minute Request, Late Cancellation, No Show) will apply if the event is approved.

During the Summer terms, AV fees apply to all events at all times.