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Welcome to the Field Department!

The CSSW Field Education Department partners with many agencies, programs and other organizations with appropriate social work learning opportunities and a commitment to supporting field education, throughout the tristate (New York-New Jersey-Connecticut) region, as well as in the cities where the online MSW is offered.

Host Student Interns

To become a field practicum site for CSSW, an organization must:

  1. have an on-site, suitably qualified member of staff to provide the student(s) with supervision.
  2. offer reasonable assignments and opportunities for learning, as determined by a member of the Field Department’s staff.
  3. complete a Placement Request Form.
  4. arrange a site visit with one of our Directors—the one with the most appropriate field of practice.

Helpful Links:

New to hosting students? Go to Frequently Asked Questions.


Training Seminars in Field Instruction (SIFI)


The CSSW Field Department runs a training program called the Seminar in Field Instruction, or SIFI, to assist new field instructors with mastering the best teaching techniques for imparting the skills necessary for social work students to achieve competency in particular social work methods. The seminar lasts 12 weeks and is typically held two times a year, in fall and spring.

CLICK HERE for information and to register.

Questions? Please contact Ericka Echavarria at 212-851-2396 or

Annual Placement Planning Fair

The Annual Placement Planning Fair is a full-day event for the students in the first year of CSSW’s Two-Year Program. This event offers students an opportunity to explore field placement options for their 2nd year placement in Fall 2018.

Please note: This year we will be hosting the Fair at CSSW (not Lerner Hall, as in past years). It will be held as follows:

Date:  Monday, February 5, 2018
Time:  2:00pm – 4:00pm
Location:  Columbia School of Social Work, 1255 Amsterdam Ave. (121st & 122nd Sts) 

Field Agencies: please click here to register for the Placement Fair. To request student interns for Fall 2018 (both First and Second year), complete the “Field Education Placement Request Form” by clicking here.

Questions? Please contact the appropriate Associate/Assistant Director responsible for managing the Field of Practice in which your agency is grouped. For New Jersey placements, please contact Assistant Director Leslie Weisner at 973-783-5507 or by e-mail: