Welcome to Field Education

Train the next generation of social work practitioners.

Field education at CSSW plays an important role in helping students put into practice what is taught in the classroom. The hands-on guidance you provide to students in the community creates a lasting impact on your organization and their education.

If you are currently a field educator or are thinking about partnering with us, the information here will help you to learn more about our program.

Benefits of Hosting Students

As you think back to your graduate school experience, your field education practicum may have been the most influential part of your professional development. By hosting our MSW students, you can pass on your expertise while you partner with a top-ranked MSW program.  We offer field instructors:
  1. An academic appointment as a Columbia lecturer.
  2. A 50% tuition discount through our reduced residency program.
  3. Access to our online library.
  4. Field instructors/advisors supervising a CSSW student during the current academic year will receive a discount on most CE courses. Email swope@columbia.edu for additional information.

Ready to Partner?

  1. Read our FAQ.
  2. Contact one of our directors.
  3. Interview a student.
  4. Request and sign an affiliate agreement.
  5. Fill-out the field placement request form.
New to hosting students? Go to Frequently Asked Questions.

Helpful Links:

  1. Field Education Manual
  2. Academic Calendar
  3. Student Handbook
  4. SIFI
  5. Education Plan
  6. Process Recording Handbook

Seminars in Field Instruction (SIFI)

Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) assists new field instructors with mastering the best teaching techniques for imparting the skills social workers need to achieve competency in particular social work methods. The seminar lasts either three weeks or 12 weeks and is typically held twice a year, in fall and spring. Continuing Education Credits will be awarded for NYS, NJ and CT licensed social workers. Licensed social workers for other states, please email swope@columbia.edu. Columbia University School of Social Work is a CSWE accredited institution. For more information on the general and CE requirements, please see:


Please contact Ericka Echavarria at 212-851-2396 or eme2116@columbia.edu.

Annual Placement Planning Fair

The Annual Placement Planning Fair is a full-day annual event in early February. It offers students in the first year of CSSW’s Two-Year Program an opportunity to explore field placements for their second year, which begins in the fall semester of the next academic year. Agencies are invited to participate via an email sent out in December, and those interested in recruiting our students for internships can participate by hosting an information table.


Please contact the Associate/Assistant Director responsible for managing the Field of Practice in which your agency is grouped. For New Jersey placements, please contact Assistant Director James Singletary at 212-851-2251 or js2864@columbia.edu