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Mashura Akilova

Dr. Mashura Akilova is a Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Social Work at Columbia University School of Social Work. Her research and practice focus on international and domestic social welfare issues in the areas of migration, displacement, and child wellbeing. Dr. Akilova also works in the area of building capacity of social work profession in the low- and middle-income countries, developing social work practice frameworks and building the capacity of social workers in the former Soviet Republics and the Middle East. She regularly consults the UN and other INGOs on projects related to the development and strengthening of social welfare systems and the workforce. Dr. Akilova’s current research focuses on the experience of Central Asian migrants in the USA.

Dr. Akilova is a Co-Editor of Integrative Social Work Practice with Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Other Displaced Persons. She teaches courses on social welfare policy, international social welfare practice, international social policy analysis, project-based travel classes on social work practice with refugees, research methods, and advocacy. She has mentored student research projects in Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Turkey.

Dr. Akilova co-chairs the CSWE Council on Global Social Issues and also serves as chair of curriculum development and student engagement at Columbia University Committee on Forced Migration.

Dr. Akilova has received a number of awards, including the CSWE Partners in Advancing International Social Work Education and NASW Emerald Leadership Award. She has earned a Ph.D in Social Policy and Policy Analysis from Columbia University and an MSW from Washington University in Saint Louis.