Associate Professor of Social Work
Room 709

Heidi L. Allen

Co-investigator in the landmark Oregon Health Insurance Experiment, Dr. Allen is a nationally recognized researcher, writer, and advisor in the field of health policy and a member of the NIH Health Disparities Committee.

Associate Professor Heidi L. Allen is one of the co-investigators in the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment, the first randomized trial to examine the impacts of a health insurance expansion on uninsured adults in the United States. She joined with researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, MIT, and the National Bureau of Economic Research in reporting the findings of this study nationwide, advising states on the costs and benefits of Medicaid expansion and suggesting ways to improve the quality of care delivered to low-income enrollees both through Medicaid and through the new health insurance exchanges.

Dr. Allen previously served as a research scientist with Providence’s Center for Outcomes Research and Education and as an adjunct assistant professor in the School of Social Work at Portland State University. She has five years of clinical social work practice in mental health and emergency departments and has served in a variety of positions related to setting health policy for the State of Oregon, including a work group on metrics appointed by Governor John Kitzhaber. She has taught graduate-level social work courses on health policy and practice, diversity and social justice, and human behavior and the social environment, along with sociology courses on drugs and alcohol and health inequality. Dr. Allen holds a BS in Psychology from Boise State University, an MSW from Portland State University, and a PhD in Social Work and Social Research from Portland State University.