CSSW Commencement Ceremony

NOW OPEN: The Columbia School of Social Work’s virtual Commencement Ceremony for celebrating our degree candidates for Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS. And now let’s all send some virtual cheers to the Class of 2020! Post your congratulatory messages to Twitter with #CSSW2020 and tag @columbiassw. Alternatively, and in addition, we invite you to post your congratulatory messages for the Class of 2020 as a comment on this news item: Join Us in Congratulating Class of 2020 Grads!

Meet our Student Speakers

Laura Kimberly, Doctoral Graduates

Laura L. Kimberly, PhD, MSW, MBE, is an Assistant Research Scientist in the Hansjörg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery and an Associate of the Division of Medical Ethics at New York University Langone Health. Her work examines ethical and psychosocial implications of innovative medical interventions with a focus on embodied selfhood, quality of life and health equity across the lifespan. She has worked previously in population health research and social policy administration. She holds a BA in philosophy from Yale University, master’s degrees in social work and bioethics from the University of Pennsylvania, and a PhD in social work from Columbia University.

Shari Simon, Master’s Graduates

Shari Simon is a graduating Advanced Generalist Practice & Programming student with a focus on school-based and school-linked services. She served as Education Caucus Leader, PDSA Facilitator, PAC Leader and Student Ambassador at Columbia School of Social Work. She is currently the New York Representative for Black Girls in Social Work and a Senior Hub Supervisor at College Bridge for All. Shari works in educational settings to disrupt injustices like the school-to-prison pipeline, the achievement gap and the racial wealth gap. Her work incorporates strengths-based, anti-oppressive and client-centered frameworks.

Before matriculating at CSSW, Shari enjoyed a rewarding career serving historically marginalized communities. Her mission is to help communities of color access generational wealth and increase their quality of life. After her first-year at CSSW, Shari launched a holistic college, career and leadership coaching business. Upon graduating from CSSW, Shari will continue to advocate for equity and trauma-informed interventions in educational and professional settings.