Recruiting at Columbia

Are you seeking the next generation of social work leaders, advocates, and changemakers? At Columbia School of Social Work, you will find a talented and diverse pool of candidates who are passionate about improving the welfare of individuals and communities around the world.

Through our rigorous curriculum and specialized training in clinical practice, program planning and administration, policy advocacy, and social justice-focused leadership, our students learn an array of transferable skills and competencies that enable them to make a positive impact in any organization and community. Many graduates go on to lead change across sectors as clinicians, administrators, organizational leaders, mental health and social welfare policy experts, educators, and much more. 

We offer a number of ways to connect with our students and graduates and can help you design a customized recruitment plan based on your organization’s needs. Even if you don't have immediate recruiting needs, we are happy to work with you to provide valuable promotional visibility for your organization and devise the best strategy for attracting and identifying prospective candidates for future recruitment.

To further discuss how we can work together, please complete our Employer Partnership Form, and review our Recruiting Policies and Guidelines. For general inquiries, please email [email protected].

We look forward to partnering with you.

Through our free online recruitment system, Career Connect (powered by GradLeaders), you can advertise full-time openings, summer internships, and fellowship opportunities to 1200+ MSW students and our growing network of alumni. To post, go to the Career Connect site and create an account, or log in using your existing username and password. You can choose to have candidates submit their application materials through the system, on your website, or via email to a designated contact. Refer to our job posting instructions for additional guidance.

For practicum placement-related opportunities, please review the requirements to become a practicum site on the Practicum Educators page and contact the Practicum Learning team directly.

To connect with a large number of candidates for immediate and future openings in one place, you can participate in our virtual career fairs hosted every spring in partnership with local MSW programs and a consortium of graduate schools at Columbia University. The Masters-Level Social Work Job Fair is geared towards early career social work opportunities, and the Columbia University Graduate Career Expo, towards multidisciplinary opportunities of all career levels, including positions in nonprofit, government, and healthcare administration, development, communications, research, advocacy, and human resources.

For a more personalized approach to reaching prospective candidates, you can lead an information session. This is a great way to build visibility and awareness about your organization, mission, values, culture, and impact in the field, promote available opportunities, and engage directly with students. We are happy to work with you and your team on planning, scheduling, and marketing the event at no cost.

Engage with students even before you need to recruit to boost your organization’s reputation in a robust and tangible way. In addition to participating in traditional recruitment programs, we welcome you to share and serve as an integral part of our students’ career and professional development through our educational and networking initiatives. These may include workshops, panels, and informal career conversations focused on helping students learn about different career paths, employer perspectives and expectations, and strategies to enhance their marketability.