Cost of Attendance: New York City Campus 2023-2024

Cost of Attendance: New York City Campus 2023-2024

Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of students’ educational expenses for the period of enrollment, as determined by the university. COA includes, but is not limited to: Tuition Fees, Housing, Food, Books, Personal, Transportation/Commuting.

Billable charges are listed as estimates in the COA and may change based on a student’s actual enrollment for a term and based on the final tuition and fee rates approved by the Board of Trustees.

  • Billable (Direct) Costs – Direct costs are the actual charges that a student is billed by the School of Social Work or Columbia University.
  • Estimated (Indirect) Costs – Indirect costs are other estimated costs associated with attending School of Social Work. These are not exact costs, but are used to help students estimate a total cost of attendance for a year of enrollment at School of Social Work.

Need-based Scholarship, Grants, Loans, and Federal Work Study are based on students demonstrated financial need. The COA is the cornerstone of establishing a student’s financial need, as it sets a limit on the total aid that a student may receive for purposes of Campus-Based Programs, Scholarships, Grants, Direct Unsubsidized, Grad Plus Loans and private loans.

An explanation of the different fees can be found here. Financial aid information can be found on our Pay for Your Degree page.

Two Year Residential

Advanced Standing Residential

Five Term International

Part-Time Online

One-Year Residency for Working Professionals (Reduced Residency) Residential

16-Month Residential

*During the fall and spring, Two Year and Advanced Standing students are charged a flat rate for enrollment between 10.5 and 19 credits in a term. Student in the Part-Time to Full-Time (Extended), One-Year Residency for Working Professionals (Reduce Residency) and Part-Time pathways as well as those in the Two Year and Advance Standing pathways taking fewer than 10.5 credits are charged the per credit rate $1,854. Students in flat rate programs will be charged the per credit rate for credits in excess of the flat rate range. Part-Time to Full-Time (Extended) and One-Year Residency for Working Professionals (Reduced Residency) Residency tuition charges are estimated here for students taking 6 credits per term. Students should view their accounts in Net Partner to see the personalized tuition amounts based on their actual or anticipated enrollment. Students in the Five Term International program have a flat rate for credits ranging from 10.5 to 16.5 during the fall and spring terms and 10.5 to 13.5 range for the summer term.