The Students Against Sexual Violence (SAS-V) Caucus is a group of CSSW students committed to preventing and responding to sexual and intimate partner violence in a healthy, holistic manner. We are dedicated to fighting against rape culture, victim blaming, and structural violence. We will achieve our goals by providing the community with various opportunities for education, discourse, advocacy, and action.

We will support survivors and promote accountability for perpetrators of violence. We will collect and share resources for on and off campus support and learning opportunities. We will encourage discussions on issues such as rape culture, cycles of abuse, masculinity/femininity, and consent. We will workshop best practices for policy in different arenas. We aim to actively incorporate issues of race, ethnicity, SES, gender, sexuality, mental health, disability, and other facets of identity into our discussions. We will be culturally aware of other manifestations of violence and work on spreading that awareness throughout our community. Ultimately, we seek to mobilize social work students who are survivors, co-survivors, and allies to be active voices in the process of transforming the ways in which we address sexual and intimate partner  violence in the context of clinical, program, and policy level practice.

For more information, please contact Megan Rose Pfeiffer at