Field education is a central component of the total educational program of the School, where practice experiences promote the integration of theoretical content from the classroom and the development of knowledge, skills and values for social work practice. You will receive individual, weekly supervision at your agency from a field instructor with a Master’s degree in social work and who has completed a Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI). If your agency does not have a qualifying field instructor, your weekly supervision will be conducted remotely by an external supervisor who meets CSSW qualifications.

All students will report to their field education placement for 21 hours per week–three days a week, generally 8 hours per day, 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. (local time), including an hour for lunch or dinner. In your first year of placement, you will be in the field on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. In your second year, you will be in the field on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Any alternative field education schedules or hours must be approved by the Field Education Department through the advisor and assistant/associate director who manages that placement.

Online Campus students will work with Suzy Kim, Assistant Director of Field Education for the Online Campus, to determine a field placement in your region. If you reside in the New York metropolitan area, you will be placed as residential students, even if you are in the Online Campus. In this case, you will work with the appropriate Assistant/Associate Director and not Suzy Kim. Field education requirements for the various programs are outlined below:


Two-Year Program
You are assigned field education three days per week for four terms, for a total of 1,200 hours.

Extended Program
During the field education phase of your program, you are assigned field education three days per week for four terms, for a total of 1,200 hours.

Reduced Residency Program
During the field education phase of your program, you will complete field education requirements in either four days per week in extended fall and spring terms, or three days per week in extended fall, spring, and a modified summer term. You must complete 900 hours of field education to satisfy degree requirements.


You are responsible for making up any time falling below the requirement because of holidays, illness, or emergencies. Cumulative planned overtime cannot be carried over from term to term, but in instances of prolonged illness or other emergencies, exceptions may be made by the Director of Field Education. You may not change your regularly scheduled hours in field without the written authorization of your advisor and assigned assistant/associate director of field education. This decision cannot be made with the field instructor alone.

You are not required to attend field education on agency holidays, however are required to attend on some School holidays (e.g. Election Day) if your agency is open on your usual day in the field. Agency holidays may vary regionally and you should adhere to your specific agency’s policies. During CSSW winter and spring breaks, you will not attend field education.