Our Advanced Standing Program is designed for students who have earned a bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) from a Council of Social Work Education (CSWE)-accredited social work program. Applicants must have received the BSW degree within the five years prior to applying to Columbia. Advanced-standing students complete the program in one year following successful completion of any additional courses required to fulfill the professional foundation. Once accepted, you may receive a maximum of 27 transfer credits from your BSW program, and must complete a minimum of 33 credits at CSSW. In reviewing transfer credits, we are assessing course equivalency to the first-year curriculum of our Two-Year Program. Advanced Standing students enroll at CSSW as a second-year student and are able to pursue any of the School’s four method areas of concentration and seven fields of practice, as well as most of our minor programs. (The Law Minor option is not available to Advanced Standing students because of required coursework that takes two years to be completed.)

Your program begins with a required four-week summer session that starts in late July or early August. (Exact dates will be e-mailed to you in March.) During that session you will take T6009 Advanced Standing Integrative Seminar and T6012 Field Education Seminar, a field education preparatory course that meets twice a week. The Integrative Seminar, which meets four days/week, will provide your cohort with the opportunity to integrate foundational social work knowledge and skills into complex case material as well as to be exposed to the core conceptual frameworks, theories, knowledge, and skills emphasized within the CSSW foundation curriculum. This course, which includes breakout session for the four concentration areas, will better prepare you to enter the CSSW curriculum as a second-year student.

For Advanced Standing FAQ, click HERE.