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Who works at the Writing Center?

CHAYA BABU is a South Asian American writer, journalist, artist, and educator based in Brooklyn. Her work focuses on power and oppression, cities, the body, foolishness, individual and collective healing, and more, and has been featured in or at The Margins, BuzzFeed, VICE, Open City, the Porter Gulch Review, GO HOME!, and Project for Empty Space, amongst others. She teaches classes on personal narrative, poetry, and reporting with Community Word Project and the School of the New York Times while she works on her first book.

DEAN KRITIKOS received his MA in English from St. John’s University, where he began his writing center career. He’s since consulted writers from various backgrounds in writing centers around NYC, and through freelance tutoring and editing. Dean especially enjoys engaging with theory and analysis in papers and cherishes opportunities to learn about social work alongside students in-session.

JENNIE MORRISON is a recent MSW graduate of Columbia School of Social Work and a current MA candidate at the Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, where she is studying oral history. She previously worked in non-profit and public education spaces, and during this time she gained experience with writing grant proposals, developing job descriptions, and reviewing resumes. While studying in the Advanced Generalist Practice & Programming (AGPP) method area, she gained additional experience with the written components of needs-assessments and program evaluations. Outside of this technical writing, Jennie enjoys reading reflective writing, including personal statements.

ADAM PELLEGRINI directs the CSSW Writing Center. He developed his understanding of rhetoric and writing pedagogy from years teaching in the first-year classroom, writing centers and community workshops. He has a professional and scholarly interest in exploring the overlap between direct social work practice and student-centered teaching in writing centers. He regularly draws inspiration from CSSW students, colleagues and curriculum.

CHERRANDA SMITH is a CSSW Class of 2017 alumna from Athens, Georgia. She concentrated in Social Enterprise Administration while at CSSW and served as events coordinator for the Black Caucus. Currently, Cherranda is working as an Associate Editor for the Black Information Network at iHeartMedia.

GABRIELLE TANG has an MSW from Columbia School of Social Work, with concentrations in Public Policy and International Social Welfare. She has over a decade of experience working on issues of social justice – particularly the intersections of economic, gender, and racial justice – through the methods of direct services, philanthropy, strategic advocacy, and grassroots movement building. In addition to critical analyses of social justice issues, her writing experience includes grant proposal writing, field studies and scoping projects, strategic planning, and policy memos.