The Writing Center

New sign-up policies are in effect starting Sunday, March 22. Of note: The Writing Center will offer appointments online only, with staff working remotely; students may reserve two appointments per week in advance; and drop-in appointments are not currently available. See below for information on how to make, manage, and join an online appointment with the Writing Center, and to read our current sign-up policies.

What does the Writing Center do?

The Writing Center provides one-on-one writing consultations, both in person and online, for MSW and PhD students. Our mission is to empower students at the Columbia School of Social Work to become stronger, more confident writers in their coursework and beyond. As a student, you should feel free to visit us with any piece of writing, at any stage, for any writing concern. Writing consultants work together with you not only to improve a given assignment or draft, but to identify and develop transferable skills—how to investigate a topic, collaborate with others, and learn—that will help in any future writing or creative projects.

Where are you located, and what are your hours?

The Writing Center is located in CSSW room 402.

NOTE: All appointments on our regular schedule may be held online beginning Sunday, March 22. Online appointments meet through our online scheduler. See our handout “How to make an online appointment with the Writing Center” for instructions on making and joining online appointments.

Writing Center Weekly Schedule, Summer 2020

      • Monday to Wednesday, 11 am – 9 pm
      • Thursday, 11 am – 6 pm

*Our weekly schedule may vary between, and even during, semesters. Always follow the online scheduler for current hours and availability.

Who works at the Writing Center?

LINDSEY ALBRACHT is a PhD candidate in English with a concentration in writing studies at The Graduate Center, CUNY where she studies the development of anti-oppressive approaches to translingual writing. She is an Instructional Technology Fellow at Macaulay Honors College and has taught writing and literature classes at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Duquesne University where she also worked as an online writing center consultant for graduate students in the School of Nursing. Formerly, Lindsey worked as an English as a Second Language instructor, curriculum designer, and teacher educator.

APRIL FREELY is an MFA candidate and Goldwater Fellow at the NYU Creative Writing Program in Poetry. She holds a BA from Brown University and an MFA in Nonfiction from the University of Iowa. She specializes in grant writing, having received multiple fellowships and awards in her writing career. She has taught rhetoric and argumentation for six years. Currently, April teaches essay composition through the Language and Thinking program at Bard College, and Introduction to Creative Writing at NYU.

DEAN KRITIKOS received his MA in English from St. John’s University, where he began his writing center career. He’s since consulted writers from various backgrounds in writing centers around NYC, and through freelance tutoring and editing. Dean especially enjoys engaging with theory and analysis in papers and cherishes opportunities to learn about social work alongside students in-session.

JENNIE MORRISON is a recent MSW graduate of Columbia School of Social Work and a current MA candidate at the Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, where she is studying oral history. She previously worked in non-profit and public education spaces, and during this time she gained experience with writing grant proposals, developing job descriptions, and reviewing resumes. While studying in the Advanced Generalist Practice & Programming (AGPP) method area, she gained additional experience with the written components of needs-assessments and program evaluations. Outside of this technical writing, Jennie enjoys reading reflective writing, including personal statements.

ADAM PELLEGRINI directs the CSSW Writing Center. He developed his understanding of rhetoric and writing pedagogy from years teaching in the first-year classroom, writing centers and community workshops. He has a professional and scholarly interest in exploring the overlap between direct social work practice and student-centered teaching in writing centers. He regularly draws inspiration from CSSW students, colleagues and curriculum.

How do I schedule an online appointment?

Students may schedule appointments as many as 14 days in advance, and up to the session start time using our online scheduler. As the Writing Center is a busy service, we suggest you schedule appointments as far in advance as possible to secure your desired day/time; that said, please schedule responsibly, and if you need to cancel, do so as soon as possible to free up that appointment time for other students.

In addition, to help ensure the greatest opportunity for all students to utilize our services, please keep in mind the following Writing Center policies:

  • Each week, (Monday to Sunday), students may reserve two 50-minute appointments in advance. Drop-in appointments are not currently available.
  • Students may make one 50-minute appointment each day.
  • You are allowed one missed appointment per semester.
  • The system automatically blocks a student’s ability to cancel or manage an appointment within three hours of the scheduled start time.

NOTE: If this is your first time making an appointment, be sure to read our Temporary Sign-Up Policies., which details sign-up policies and instructions on how to schedule appointments.

Can my group meet with the Writing Center online?

You’re welcome to meet the Writing Center online for a group meeting of three or more participants. Please request group meetings by email in advance, as our regular online platform supports only two participants (one staff and one writer).

To request an online meeting with three or more participants: schedule an appointment with the Writing Center using one participant’s account; then email to request a group meeting at least one day in advance if possible. We can create a Zoom meeting for your group, or you can send us information for a meeting you create through another accessible platform, such as Google Hangouts (supported by Lionmail).

NOTE: The student whose name appears on the schedule calendar for a given appointment must be present at that appointment. Also, consider creating group appointments for informal writing groups in addition to group writing projects for classes.

How do I schedule an appointment for an online session, and how do I join the session?

Basic instructions for making appointments for online sessions / joining the session:

  1. Sign into our online scheduler and click on an available appointment slot, marked in white, for ANY staff resource.
  2. In the appointment form pop-up, choose “Yes. Schedule Online appointment.” under meeting “Meet Online?”
  3. A few minutes before your session start time, sign back into the online scheduler, click on your appointment and, in the appointment form pop-up, click Start or Join Online Consultation.
  4. When prompted, click to ALLOW ACCESS to your video and audio. NOTE: Using Firefox (or Google Chrome) is required for the video chat function.
  5. Finally, if you have a Word document you are working on, upload it by clicking the arrows icon on the top right side of the screen. Alternatively, copy and paste your text into the whiteboard of your online meeting.

For more detailed instructions with visuals as well as tips for best use, please see our handout How to Make an Online Appointment at the CSSW Writing Center (PDF: 9 pages).

If you are having difficulty accessing your online meeting, email your staff resource at the Lionmail address listed at the top of your appointment form in the online scheduler (click your appointment to access).

How many sessions can I sign up for per week, and what happens if I need additional time?

Starting Sunday March 22, temporary sign-up rules are in effect: All appointments are held online; students may schedule two 50-minute appointments per week, one per day; there are no drop-in appointments available. See current sign-up policies under Quick Links on the right margin of this page.

Students may schedule one 50-minute appointment in advance each week (Monday to Sunday). For a second appointment in a given week, students may drop in, in person or online, during our regular schedule of appointments, based on availability. Additionally, look for “Library Drop-In” hours on select days during the final weeks of the fall and spring semesters, when the Writing Center will hold drop-in hours at the Social Work Library Circulation Desk (CSSW 2nd floor).

To drop in during our regular schedule of appointments, find an available time slot, arrive at the meeting location at the start of the session, and ask to drop in.

To drop in online, find an available time slot on our regular schedule of appointments, weekdays only, and email Director Adam Pellegrini ( prior to 8AM (EST) the day of the desired appointment (up to 24-hours in advance). In your email, be sure to follow these instructions:
In the subject line, include:

  1. “Online Drop-in Request”
  2. Your first and last name, as you registered with the Writing Center
  3. your UNI.

In the email body, include:

  1. The writing consultant name(s)
  2. The preferred appointment time(s) (include all possible)

Expect to receive a response email the morning of the requested appointment to confirm or cancel your request, depending on same-day availability of the appointment(s) you specified.

The schedule is full—how do I join the waiting list?

The Writing Center schedule may be fully booked during peak times of the semester. That said, note that availability may change over the course of a day as students cancel or move appointments. Join our waiting list to receive notification for appointment times that become available.

Waiting-list Instructions

  • Sign into our online scheduler, find the day on which you wish to make an appointment, and click the waiting list link to the bottom right of that day’s schedule (on the right side of the screen). .
  • In the Add to Waiting List pop-up window, select resource and time restrictions as desired and click on the Add to Waiting List line at the bottom of the window to be notified via email or text when an opening for that day appears. (To receive notification by text message, update your profile.)
  • All students on the waiting list will receive an immediate email or text message when someone cancels an appointment for that day/time. The session will go to the first student to log in and sign up.

What can / should I bring to my appointment, and how should I prepare?

What to bring: Students may visit the Writing Center with any academic or professional writing project, whether it’s for class, fieldwork or applications.  Students may bring documents of any length but should expect to set session goals by the kinds and number of writing concerns presented, the draft stage of the project and the length of the appointment.  Having a completed draft, or any draft at all, is not a requirement, and we are happy to brainstorm, strategize and organize with students in the pre-writing phase.

Students meeting us in person with a printed draft are encouraged to bring two copies, though we are very happy to work from a screen.  All students, whether meeting us online or in person, should have the assignment instructions.  Any additional materials—including instructor feedback, class notes, referenced sources, previous drafts or a grading rubric—may be helpful to have on hand.

How to prepare: Our most productive sessions are often those in which students arrive on time with their materials organized and objectives thought out.  In advance of your session, consider:

  • rereading your draft
  • articulating your questions/concerns
  • highlighting moments to discuss in your draft or assignment sheet
  • choosing a section of a longer work you most want feedback on

This preparation likely becomes easier with practice, so we recommend scheduling an introductory session with the Writing Center early in the semester to become acquainted.

Of course, students are welcome to visit the Writing Center at any level of preparedness, and we can help you gain perspective on your draft and writing process.

What other resources does the Writing Center offer?

At the start of fall and spring semesters, the Writing Center offers an introduction to APA Style workshop covering basic tips on APA style. During fall and spring semesters, we also offer a series of interactive, skill-based writing workshops held online through Adobe Connect.

See our webinar schedule during fall and spring semesters linked under “Quick Links” on the right margin of this page for more information about our webinar offerings and how to RSVP. There are no Writing Center webinars offered during summer.

Past webinar recordings are also available upon request. Topics include: APA Style, Literature Reviews, Op-Eds, Reading Strategies, Advocacy Writing, Concision, Paraphrasing, Critique, & Flow, Mindfulness in Writing Practice, Executive Summaries. Email with Director Adam Pellegrini ( for links and materials.

How can I contact the Writing Center (last-minute)?

For general questions and concerns, contact Director Adam Pellegrini from 9 am – 5 pm weekdays at or 212-851-2232.

If you need to contact the Writing Center at the time of your appointment, please email, or find the Lionmail address for your Writing Center resource listed at the top of your appointment form in the online scheduling system.