I need to print something. Where can I do that, and do I have to pay?

Columbia University uses a printing system called PawPrint, which allows you to send your print jobs to a central server and access them from any printer that is connected to the PawPrint system. As a Social Work student, you have a print quota of 2,500 Black and White sheets of paper either printed single-sided or double-sided. Students can release their print jobs to any of the PawPrint printers on campus. In the Social Work building, there are printers on the second-floor both in the lounge and in the Library.

You can print from the three computers in the second-floor lounge or the computers in the Social Work Library. Additionally, you have the flexibility to print from your own computer. For more information on printing from your own device, please see below.

The printers have been outfitted with CU ID card readers, enabling touchless release of print jobs. If you plan to use PawPrint and haven’t used it before, we recommend logging into the URL below at least one hour before trying to release your print jobs to avoid any delays: