I need to print something. Where can I do that, and do I have to pay?

All students receive two print quotas—one from CSSW and the other from the University—which allow you to print free of charge for a predetermined quantity. The CSSW quota is 2,500 pages per term; the University’s CUIT quota is 20 pages per week. NOTE: Both printing quotas are calculated per sheet of paper, not per printed side. Unused printing quota pages do not carry over to the next semester.

Your CSSW print quota applies to the following CSSW printers:
First floor: All 5 printers + 1 resume printer in the Computer Lab.
Second floor: Student Lounge printer (can print to this printer from the three computers in that room, your laptop, or the Social Work Library computers).
Fourth floor: Printer in the Electronic Classroom.
Your CU quota applies to the Social Work Library printer and to printers in any Columbia University computer lab or library across campus.