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Mixed Caucus

MiXed Caucus is a multiracial, multiethnic, transracially adopted student group at CSSW. MiXed Caucus started out as a space at CSSW for any student of color who couldn’t find a cultural student organization that fit their many forms of self-identification. While a majority of these students are mixed race or had a multicultural upbringing, others were participants who wanted a liberated space to discuss topics of race.*

MiXed Caucus is an organic, diverse environment where you can be yourself, have a voice, and have that voice be valued. We are committed to celebrating mixed identities and embracing contradictions while fighting for a world beyond “othering.” We serve the community through recognition of our space, the right to self-definition and a commitment to social justice.*

For more information, please contact Andrea Herrera at ash2208@columbia.edu.


*Language from the above statements is borrowed with permission from our west coast friends MiXed@UW at the University of Washington.