Student Caucuses

During your time at Columbia we strongly encourage you to actively participate in student life by joining one of the nearly 30 student groups, known as caucuses. Caucuses provide the opportunity to cultivate relationships with your peers while advocating for a cause that is important to you. Below is our current caucus list as well as information on the caucuses and their current leaders. If you have any questions about caucuses or would like to start your own, please reach out to Student Life at

Abolition Caucus

Our mission is dedicated to reimagining societal responses to harm and criminalization through an abolitionist lens; we work on eliminating institutions within the criminal legal systems that perpetuate violence, such as prisons and police, while simultaneously deepening our understanding of the systems that allow these institutions to exist. View Page

Integrated Practice and Programming (IPP) Caucus

Engaging students in learning about the IPP concentration and how the IPP track can serve their goals in social work. View Page

AGE (Advocates for Gerontological Education) Caucus

The Advocates for Gerontological Education (AGE) promotes a greater understanding of the aging community as well as the field of gerontology in order to best advocate for their needs and support their wellbeing. View Page

Asian Pacific Islander South Asian American (APISAA) caucus

Promoting a greater understanding of the Asian Pacific Islander South Asian American (APISAA) experience, both domestic and global, through events and discussions. View Page

Black Caucus

Developing a support system for students at CSSW who identify as part of the African diaspora and fostering positive relationships with the local community. View Page

Columbia Social Work Review

The Review is an annual peer-reviewed journal for students in the field of social work to share their research, experiences and views. View Page

Disability Awareness Caucus

DAC is a space for all students to gather, discuss, connect, seek support, advocate, teach, and learn about issues impacting dis/abled persons as it relates to social work. View Page

Education Caucus

Prioritizing a PROP lens, the mission of the Education Caucus is to (1) identify disparities perpetuated in the education system, (2) create a dialogue to explore areas of opportunity for students and community members to meaningfully address these disparities in tangible ways, and (3) explore implications and opportunities of social work education. View Page

First Generation Lower SES Caucus

Aims to foster productive discussions and advocate for the needs of FGLS identifying students to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom as social workers. View Page

Harm Reduction Caucus

Providing palpable and integrated resources and opportunities for all students to engage in meaningful discussions to address the health and rights of people who use and sell drugs and/or engage in sex work. View Page

International Students Caucus

Providing a space for international students to seek support, share about their culture, and plan events to bring awareness of their experiences with the greater CSSW community. View Page

Jewish Caucus

Inform social work practice and theory through the integration of Jewish culture, faith, and ideas. View Page

LatinX Caucus

The LatinX Caucus at CSSW is a student-led organization and family of students, alumni, staff, and faculty striving to build community, representation, awareness, advocacy, and a celebration of all cultures. All ethnicities, races, religions, and identities are welcome. View Page

Mental Health Caucus

It is our mission to commit to the values of justice, equity, and the pursuit of liberation for all by creating a brave space that seeks to build community, uplift the voices of those often silenced and excluded, engage with cultural humility and intention, inspire accountability and action, and cultivate collective care as well as person-centered care beyond the CSSW community. View Page

Multiracial Caucus

Providing multiracial individuals at CSSW a space to process the complexities of having a mixed identity and to build community with fellow multiracial students. View Page

Parents & Caregivers Caucus

Our goal is to create a network for students who are parents/caretakers to have a space of advocacy, encouragement, love, and support while building a community and receiving a higher education. View Page

Policy Caucus

Providing panels and other events that give critical insight and perspective into the macro level of social work and engaging students in the work of policy analysis and policy practice. View Page

Queer Caucus

Creating a welcoming space in which to foster camaraderie amongst lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and unlabeled (LGBTQQIU) students and their allies. View Page

Leadership, Management, and Entrepreneurship for Social Justice (LME)

Cultivating the professional development of students with an interest in social enterprise, corporate social responsibility and management models within social services. View Page

Sex Positivity Caucus

Providing Social Workers with the tools and education to engage meaningfully with clients on topics related to sex and sexuality. View Page

Social Work Arts Group (SWAG)

Providing a forum for students to express themselves and explore social justice and self-care through the lens of the arts. View Page

Christian Caucus

The Christian Caucus desires to cultivate a welcoming space and gather as a community amongst both Christian and non-Christians at CSSW. In this space, we hope to fellowship together, hold space for conversations around faith and spirituality, and offer encouraging peer support. We hope to integrate spirituality into social work practice through core Christian values like love, justice, and human flourishing.

Medical Social Work Caucus

We aim to create a space where students interested in working in medical social work settings can collaborate and meaningfully engage with the community. Our caucus also serves as a sustainable, centralized volunteer hub for Columbia’s five Student-Run Free Clinics, where students with no medical social work experience can gain valuable skills and case management experience in this setting.
Caucus Leaders:
Claire Theriault,
Lisa Bernstein,