Statistics Requirement Information

One of the degree requirements for the Master’s of Science in Social Work program at Columbia School of Social Work is a proficiency in statistics. You can fulfill that requirement in one of three ways:

Pass the waiver exam

Information regarding waiver exams is shared in the weeks prior to Orientation.

If you have previously completed similar coursework in statistics then you may complete the waiver exam. This exam is OPTIONAL, not required, and offered at no additional cost. Keep in mind that any student who does not pass the waiver exam will be required to register and complete the course.

Waiver Exams are only offered ONLINE. There is no option to take waiver exams in person and we are not able to provide space in the Social Work building for you to take the exam on-site.

Technology Requirements:

  • You will need a computer, webcam, and microphone.
  • You will be prompted to show a government-issued photo ID and will be recorded while taking the exam to ensure you are the person completing this exam.
  • Upon registration, you will receive more detailed instructions about taking your exam remotely.

Please also note:

  • You may only take the waiver exam ONCE.
  • The minimum passing score is 70%
  • The statistics exam is multiple-choice.
  • The exam may only be taken prior to matriculation.

Waiver exams are intended to demonstrate one’s prior knowledge of the course matter, therefore, supplemental materials are not provided. If you need to refresh your knowledge in these particular areas, the textbook(s) you read in your past courses or consulted in your workplace are probably excellent resources.

Pass our Introduction to Statistics course

The Introduction to Statistics course is 0-credit, takes five weeks, and is graded pass/fail. Students who fail the Spring section of statistics are able to retake the course in August.  The statistics course will be offered in the autumn term at various times and days as well.

Waiver by Previous Course Work

Effective fall 2020, students who have completed an approved Statistics course in their previous undergraduate or graduate studies, may apply for a waiver of the Introduction to Statistics requirement. Students must have received a grade of B or greater in an approved course taken within four years of one’s first semester of matriculation at Columbia School of Social Work.