Announcing the Columbia Student Support Initiative

President Lee C. Bollinger recently launched a Columbia-wide scholarship student support initiative. This effort, while building on longstanding efforts and donor support at every school, comes at a critically important moment in light of the pandemic and related vulnerabilities, and increased awareness of entrenched privilege and disparities in access. It expresses a commitment shared across the University to providing not just access and opportunity to those with financial need but the best educational environment for all. Every member of our community stands to benefit from the most diverse possible learning environment. At this time, we call on all CSSW alumni to contribute to this effort and make a difference at the School of Social Work.

Scholarships at CSSW

Our students are grateful to all of those who have generously given to our scholarship funds.

Financial Aid Makes All the Difference to CSSW Students
Meet three of our current scholarship recipients.

Questions about Joining the Student Support Initiative?

For questions about making a gift, please contact: