Students enrolled in the full-time Two-Year or Advanced Standing programs will take three or four courses each term, which requires being in class approximately 6–8 hours per week.  Part-time students in the Extended or Reduced Residency programs typically take two classes each term during their first year, spending 4-6 hours per week in live class sessions. Additionally, students will spend time outside the classroom completing readings, role plays, group projects and various assignments. For more information, go to Online Campus Study Plans.

All classes are synchronous, meaning you are required to sign in to the online platform at the scheduled class time, and you must be physically present at your computer for the duration of the class.

In addition, full-time students registered for field education will be interning 21 hours a week or three days, generally from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at a nearby social service agency, government entity, school, hospital or business under the supervision of a field supervisor, to gain hands-on experience relevant to your social work practice. Go to Field Education Manual (PDF: 110 pages).