If you apply for our Extended Program, it is possible to work and study at the same time, but only during your first year. As an Extended Program student, you can take a reduced course load during the first year. Once you begin field education, however, you must enroll in the program full-time. Extended Program students have up to four years to complete all degree requirements (coursework and field instruction).

If you are employed in a human service organization working in direct practice, then you may be eligible to enroll in our Reduced Residency Program, which allows you to remain employed at your organization for at least the first two years of your studies, taking a reduced course load. In the third year, your status changes to that of full-time student as you complete the requisite course and field instruction requirements (900 hours) forĀ earning the MSSW degree. In some cases, Reduced Residency students are able to complete their final year internship at their place of employment.

For more information, go to CSSW Study Plans (PDF: 21 pages).