We offer two programs that allow students to begin their studies with a reduced course load. Our Reduced Residency Program accepts students who have been employed full time for at least two years (or part time for at least four years) in a human services organization, working in direct practice. For the first two years of the program, Reduced Residency students enroll part time while remaining employed by their organizations, taking at least two courses each term. In the third year, they attend school full time, completing the necessary 900 field hours and required concurrent concentration-year coursework.

We also have an Extended Program, which allows students to pursue social work education by combining part-time and full-time study across three to four years. Extended Program students engage in full-time study when they begin their field placement requirements. At that time, they must register for a minimum of 10.5 credits, completing three days a week in the field plus at least one day a week in classes.

For more information, go to CSSW Study Plans (PDF: 21 pages).