Why You Must Attend the “Columbia Social Work Review” Launch Party

April 12, 2013 @ 6:58 pm

CSWR editors and one author + publication cover

For students at CUSSW, mid-April is a busy—some would say frantic—time of year, with classes and practicum gradually wrapping up, the search for summer internships and jobs proceeding apace, and graduation looming large on the horizon of all Second Years and a few other students in our special programs.

It’s also the time of year when the annual student journal, Columbia Social Work Review, comes out. In fact, you might see the publication of CSWR as a sign of spring, along with the magnolias that are beginning to flower on many of our city streets.

And, just as you don’t want to miss the magnolias, you also don’t want to miss this year’s issue. Despite multiple commitments, it’s important to clear your calendar for Wednesday, April 17th, and turn out for CSWR‘s launch event. This is the message that I received loud and clear from three of those who were involved in the production of this year’s issue—Brianna Boles (author of one of the eight articles), Jaime Hedlund (Associate Editor) and Claire Shoen (Editor in Chief). Here are some highlights from our conversation:

You see what I mean? It’s truly a unique opportunity to be in a group that for several months has been focused intensely on issues of relevance to up-and-coming social workers like yourselves:

Columbia Social Work Review (Spring 2013)
Table of Contents:

  • “Crucial Conversations: Exploring Intergenerational Trauma in Post-Conflict Guatemala,” by Eliza Ramos
  • “Effective Employment of Individuals with Mental Health Conditions: Harnessing National, State, and Local Efforts to Improve Outcomes in New York City,” by Camille Santistevan
  • “Environmental Justice and Social Work: A Call to Expand the Social Work Profession to Include Environmental Justice,” by Dominoe Jarvis
  • “In Search of the Arc: The Path to Justice for Women in the Military,” by Elizabeth Estabrooks
  • “Suicide and Soul Wound: Stress, Coping, and Culture in the American Indian and Alaska Native Youth Context,” by Eleni Zimiles
  • “Technology ’s Role in the Nonprofit Sector: Increasing Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency through Technology Innovations,” by Brianna Boles
  • “The Beauty Ideal: The Effects of European Standards of Beauty on Black Women,” by Susan L. Bryant
  • “The Public and the Profession ’s Perception of Social Work,” by Jeffrey Olin

All but one of the authors will be present. And you’ll be present, too, we hope! See you there…

—ML Awanohara

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Images (clockwise from top right): CSWR cover image, Claire Shoen, Jaime Hedlund, Brianna Boles, and magnolias (from Morguefiles).