The Geriatric Mental Health Alliance of New York has released an updated book of easy-to-use demographic and epidemiological data related to geriatric mental health, which is available for download here: Geriatric Mental Health: Demographic & Epidemiological Data (PDF: 53 pages).

The update is authored by Adjunct Associate Professor Michael B. Friedman; Alliance director Lisa Furst; Alex Lee, a current CSSW student; and CSSW alumna Kimberly A. Williams, CEO of the Mental Health Association of NYC, the parent organization of the Alliance.

The Geriatric Mental Health Alliance (GMHA) was founded in 2004 by Professor Friedman and Ms. Williams, who was then a student at Columbia School of Social Work. A 3,000 member strong advocacy and education coalition, GMHA strives to advance policy and practice reform to meet the mental health challenges of the elder boom. It successfully led the advocacy movement that resulted in the passage of the NYS Geriatric Mental Health Act, the first of its kind in the nation.

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“We Must Advocate for Older Adults with Behavioral Health Conditions,” by Kimberly Williams, Lisa Furst and Michael Friedman. Behavioral Health News, Summer 2017. (PDF: 4 pages)

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