Social Work Practice with Older Adults: Case-Based Learning with Digital Technology

December 1, 2002 @ 5:00 am

Under the leadership of Associate Professor Denise Burnette, Principal Investigator, a series of educational modules has been developed to promote the teaching and learning of geriatric social work practice. The project, funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation in partnership with the New York Academy of Medicine, uses state-of-the-art digital technology to enhance traditional methods of case-based learning.

The four modules that comprise the series focus on core areas of practice with older adults: chronic illness, sexuality, active aging, and depression. Each module includes a videotaped social worker interview with one or more clients, key concepts, a discussion guide and a transcription of the videotape interview, plus references to supplementary educational and resource materials. The modules will be distributed to educational institutions [for educational purposes only] by the New York Academy of Medicine.

Special thanks go to the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning for their assistance with the videotaping and other digital technology.