Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos Invited to Participate in NYC Dads Campaign

January 15, 2009 @ 5:00 am

For Immediate Release

January 15, 2009

New York, NY – Associate professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos of the Columbia University School of Social Work was invited to participate as an online social work expert for NYC Dads, a citywide public-education campaign of the New York City Human Resources Administration and the Department of Social Services focused on the important role of fathers in their children’s lives.

The NYC Dads campaign was developed with the aim to educate and inspire young, urban dads in the New York City area.  Its Web site provides information and resources to help fathers stay connected and remain active, positive presences in their children’s lives.  Dr. Guilamo-Ramos will be addressing questions related to family relationship and dynamic issues for NYC Dad’s “Ask the Doctor” section of the Web site.

“Too often, fathers have been overlooked as important for the development and wellbeing of their children. The paternal role has tended to be defined largely in economic terms – such as providing financial stability – and less attention has been placed on a father’s role in shaping important family processes,” says Dr. Guilamo-Ramos. “NYC DADS is a novel project that addresses the neglected role of fathers in child and adolescent wellbeing.  I am pleased to be involved with the project and to have the opportunity to highlight the role of social workers in supporting NYC families.”

For more information about NYC DADS, please visit To interview Dr. Guilamo-Ramos, please contact Jeannie Hii at 212-851-2327 or