NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: Alumna Erin Olivo on Making, and Not Breaking, New Year’s Resolutions

January 23, 2015 @ 5:25 pm

What did you resolve to do with your life in 2015: save more money, lose weight, develop a health habit like exercise, get organized?

And now that we’re nearly at the end of January, do you fear you may be one of the 35 percent of people who have already broken their goals?

Alumna Erin Olivo (MSW’95) is here to help. Dr. Olivo did a dual degree at our School and the Mailman School of Public Health, and went on to get a PhD in clinical psychology from Teachers College. She published her first book, Wise Mind Living: Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Life (and accompanying audio program) this past November. In this video, she tells us how to make use of "wise mind living" in making, and not breaking, our new year's resolutions:

Interested in learning more about Dr. Olivo? Please visit the author site for her book. You can also check out her faculty profile at Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, where she has worked since 2004 as an assistant clinical professor of medical psychology.

We discovered two interesting facts when interviewing Dr. Olivo for this video:

  1. When she was an undergraduate at Duke, her father sent her a clipping about Mehmet Oz, then a rising star in the medical world. He attached a note predicting she would work with Dr. Oz one day. And, sure enough, after finishing her doctorate, she was hired by Dr. Oz to collaborate with him on setting up the Columbia Integrative Medicine Program. He has called Wise Mind Living an “insightful and remarkable book that provides readers with a practical roadmap to emotional well-being.”
  2. While at the Columbia School of Social Work, Olivo particularly enjoyed Professor André Ivanoff's courses on dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). In fact, her treatment approach draws from the philosophical traditions of mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy and DBT.

—ML Awanohara, CSSW Communications