Nabila El-Bassel and Team Receive Elton John AIDS Foundation Funding

March 28, 2019 @ 8:08 pm

The Global Health Research Center of Central Asia (GHRCCA), headed by Dr. Nabila El-Bassel (bio), was awarded funding from the Elton John AIDS Foundation to provide free HIV self-tests and increase HIV and STI risk awareness in Kazakhstan.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation has announced funding to support “BeOnline,” a new program by GHRCCA that will provide services and raise risk awareness regarding HIV and other STIs among men who have sex with men (MSM) and within the transgender communities in Kazakhstan. Central Asia and Eastern Europe have been the only areas of the world where the number of new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths are on the rise. The region also trails the rest of the world in quality and coverage of HIV services. MSM and transgender communities are the country’s least studied and most isolated groups among all key vulnerable groups.

The project, which leverages the power of social media by using popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and VK (a Russian-language social media platform), as well as dating apps and websites, will provide accurate information on how to handle HIV and STI risks.

Read more about this exciting new project on the GHRCCA website.

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