Dr. Michael MacKenzie Receives International Award

July 3, 2006 @ 4:00 am

July 3, 2006

New York, NY – Dr. Michael MacKenzie, an assistant professor at the Columbia University School of Social Work, has received an "Early Career Investigator Award" from the International Society on Infant Studies (ISIS). The award was presented at the International Conference on Infant Studies hosted by the Japan Society of Baby Science on June 21, 2006 in Kyoto, Japan. Prince Akishino of the Japanese Imperial Family was among the honorary guests in attendance at the conference banquet.

The International Society on Infant Studies is a professional, nonprofit organization devoted to the promotion and dissemination of research on the development of infants. The prestigious and competitive "Early Career Investigator Awards" are presented annually and recognize outstanding young investigators dedicated to infant care research. Recipients receive a certificate as well as a monetary award.

"We are delighted that Dr. MacKenzie has been honored with this prominent award from the International Society on Infant Studies," says Dean Jeanette Takamura. "The award reflects the significance of Dr. Mackenzie's research in the area of infant care and early childhood development. We are proud of his achievement."

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