CUSSW Online Teaching Tools Launched

June 2, 2004 @ 4:00 am

First registrants for the technology hail from around the globe.

Two new online courses, spearheaded by CUSSW Professor Helene Jackson, havelaunched at CUSSW. They combine substantive content with cutting-edge technology. The project was supported by the Columbia University Academic Quality Fund, the School of Social Work, the International Education and Research Network (iEARN) and Bank Street College of Education. The new online teaching modules for school personnel, “Online Training in Trauma” and “School-Based Interventions,” launched on February 25, 2004. The initial users of the new modules hail from around the globe, including Iran, Pakistan, India, the Netherlands, and the United States. According to one participant, one of the highlights of these modules was the chance to “interact with people from around the world” and “read about different teaching styles and the differences between schools in the United States and other countries.”

The modules themselves reside on two sites: the Columbia University website and the iEARN site. While the modules on the CU website can be accessed freely, those on the iEARN site have been approved for course credit by the New York City Department of Education AND require registration. The iEARN modules feature interactive components, including two online “facilitators” who give guidance to participants throughout the course as well as midterms and other formal tests.

The next wave of modules, entitled “Sudden and Unexpected Loss” and “School-Based Interventions,” are in production and are scheduled to launch on June 30th.

The modules can be accessed through:

Lisa Ferri
June 2, 2004