CUSSW Alumna in the News

July 1, 2003 @ 4:00 am

In a May 10, 2003 New York Times article, CUSSW alumna Diana Aviv was quoted as a dissenting voice critical of a recent McKinsey & Company study that “rocked” the nonprofit world. Under the guidance of former New Jersey governor and unsuccessful-2000-Presidential candidate Bill Bradley, the Institute for the Nonprofit Sector, a division of the esteemed McKinsey consulting practice, released findings in the Harvard Business Review estimating nonprofits could free up $100 billion each year by simply eradicating some inefficiencies. Aviv, president and chief executive of the Independent Sector, a trade association representing some 700 nonprofit organizations, shot back: “Its headline of saying there is $100 billion in savings to be achieved is unrealistic and unhelpful. When lawmakers and donors see a headline like that it suggests charities are inefficient, ineffective and extravagant, they will use it to justify cutbacks in support for the sector. Nonetheless, there are any number of suggestions in there that we would be unwise not to examine, if only for partial value.”