Community of Scholars Event

November 1, 2003 @ 5:00 am

The next “Community of Scholars” gathering will take place on Wednesday, December 10th from 1-2pm in Room 815. Assistant Professsor Yoosun Park will present part of her dissertation that she has begun to cull into an article entitled, “Constructing Binaries: The Representations of Immigrants in the Discourse of Social Work, 1882-1952.”

Park’s study examines the historical representations of immigrants found in three social work periodicals published between 1882 and 1952. It focuses on the representation of immigrants in these works and the role their discursive mechanisms played in constructing immigrant identities, portraying them as certain kinds of human beings. It is a closer look at the mechanisms in social work discourse whereby immigrants were problematized and constructed as objects of social work study and intervention.