Capstone 2013: A Showcase

May 9, 2013 @ 6:58 pm

It's capstone week at CUSSW, which means that our graduating students are spending the week putting their skills together to tackle a real-life case study. Capstone, which literally means a stone fixed on top of a wall, represents the culmination of two years of graduate study. It provides an opportunity to showcase all of the skills M.S. students have learned and will soon be putting to use as they launch their professional careers.

For the past year, each graduating M.S. student has been specializing in one of four methods:

  1. Clinical (focused on the individual client)
  2. Social Enterprise Administration (focused on agency structure)
  3. Policy (focused on government policies)
  4. Advanced Generalist Practice & Programming (cuts across the areas)

For the capstone exercise, twenty groups of roughly twenty students are created, each of them containing a mix of students in the various concentrations, many of whom have never worked with (or perhaps met) each other before.

This year's capstone challenge, "Momma Belongs at Home: The Impact of Health Care Reform and Medicaid Redesign on Families," focuses on the complex impact of recent changes in health care law on patients who are in long-term care.

Midway through the week, we caught up with spokespeople from three of the groups to see what their experience had been thus far, and what they thought their chances were of winning gold! Enjoy the video…

— ML Awanohara