Associate Professor Craig Schwalbe Awarded Tenure by Columbia University

May 20, 2013 @ 5:23 pm

Craig S Schwalbe

Associate Professor Craig Schwalbe has been awarded tenure by Columbia University. Dr. Schwalbe’s scholarship has been dedicated to the advancement of practice and program development related to court-involved youth. The depth of his experience, the quality of his research, his scholarship productivity and its impact, and his ability to develop and integrate evidence in practice places him in a small group of social work practice faculty in the nation with the capacity to influence:

  1. the body of social work practice knowledge and interventions;
  2. multidisciplinary research that utilizes an unmistakably social work lens; and
  3. program development in support of court-involved youth, one of the most challenging populations of youth at risk.

Since coming to Columbia University School of Social Work (CUSSW), Dr. Schwalbe has focused his work on risk assessment, which is a critically important component of practice, paying particular attention to the significant role of probation officers in defining and setting the life trajectories and thus the moral identities of these youth.

In addition to his scholarship focused on court-involved youth in the U.S., Associate Professor Schwalbe has been a member of the faculty team that designed and is implementing the Community-Family Integration Teams (CFIT) Research Project in Jordan in collaboration with the Columbia University Middle East Research Center, national ministries, and NGOs. Funded by UNICEF, C-FIT represents the first research-based, child-focused, and community-oriented family integration initiative for foster children in Jordan.

“We are proud that Columbia University has recognized the strength and impact of Dr. Craig Schwalbe’s scholarship,” said Dean Jeanette Takamura, “and look forward to the contributions he will continue to make to the body of knowledge on youth at risk, to evidence-based intervention strategies that can be applied productively by the juvenile justice system, and to generating life-enhancing, productive options for youth at risk in the U.S. and abroad

Dr. Schwalbe came to CUSSW with nearly a decade of experience in clinical practice and has held positions of responsibility in clinical program development and administration in North Carolina and Minnesota.

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