Morning Workshop
Implicit Bias: Knowing Thyself as an Instrument of Social Justice
Implicit Bias Handout

Afternoon Workshop A
Students Speak Out: The Academic Impact of Environmental Hazards in Low Income and Public Housing

Afternoon Workshop B
Bold, Brave & Beautiful: Objectification of Black Girls Bodies in Schools

Afternoon Workshop C
Connecting to your own inner child
Inner Child Worksheet
Creating A Play-Based Intervention Plan

Afternoon Workshop D
Activating the Mind of Youth
From Assets to Agents of Change Social Justice Organizing and Youth Development

Afternoon Workshop E
Engaging Corporations in Social Justice

Afternoon Workshop F
Confronting Hidden & Vicarious Trauma and Restoring Hope Through Healing Practices

Afternoon Workshop G
Being Seen Staying Heard Presentation

Afternoon Workshop H
Understanding Cultural Bias and Building Awareness using a Mindfulness-based Model

Afternoon Workshop I
Resilience and Intervention Applications from a Social Justice Perspective
»What is Resilience
»Conceptual Framework
»Top Ten Key Messages
»Working with Children/Youth K-8

Afternoon Workshop J
Restorative Justice in Schools: Reflection as the Key for Healing

Afternoon Workshop K
Hopes, Fears, and Expectations: Empowering Youth through Transformative Organizing

Afternoon Workshop L
Promoting Equity in a Suburban School: A Case Study of One School’s Transformation Process

Afternoon Workshop M
Creating a Culture of Belonging: Alternative Strategies for Clinical Engagement and Treatment in the School Setting

Afternoon Workshop N
Addressing Chronic Absence in Schools

Afternoon Plenary
The School Girls Deserve