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daniel kamins MSW08 During my second year I interned at Young Athletes Incorporated where my supervisor gave me the flexibility to design my own experience. I did some clinical work and also helped to develop a large-scale community initiative for which I sought funding. The experience in grant-writing was invaluable. michele geHr MSW15 I was placed in the South Bronx at one of the toughest schools in the country. It was intimidating but by the time I was done wed increased attendance by 85 percent. rachel burton MSW15 My first year when I was at a family shelter in the Bronx I helped a mom get into her very first home. That was a highlight. Field education is a vital part of earning an MSW. It is where you learn how to apply social work theories from the classroom to social work practice. amita lal MSW15 I found myself very fulfilled working with newly arrived immigrants in my field placement in my first year. As the daughter of immigrant parents I felt a personal connection to the work. 6 Each semester social work students spend three days or 21 hours a week working at a placement site. The hours are usually from 900 a.m. to 500 p.m. confer with current and former students about their field education experiences 4 At each field placement a supervisor meets with you face-to- face once a week and evaluates your work for the term.