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EMILY BALL JABBOUR MSW06 Right out of school I found a job working as a Social Science Research Analyst for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services DHHS in the Administration for Children and Families. On a daily basis I use a combination of my clinical and policy social work skills including reflective listening consensus building policy analysis and program evaluation. Sasha Diamond-Lenow MSW09I work at StreetSquash in Harlem helping young people by giving them access to sports as well as a range of social services. I love being able to combine mysocial work trainingwith my interest inathletics. I am also the field supervisor for CSSW interns. The Columbia School of Social Work ... has a dedicated career services office. has the highest pass rate for the social work licensing LMSW exam in the tri-state New York-New Jersey- Connecticut area. offers a network of 16000 alumni who can help with job leads. 3 JOseph WILLIAMS MSW15 I was hired as a full-time social worker atBrooklyn Defender Services whichwas where I did my first-yearplacement. We provide legalrepresentation to 45000 peopleeach year who have been chargedwith crimes or are facing childwelfare proceedings but are toopoor to afford an attorney.