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discover how our school defines social work Jeanette Takamura MSW Ph.D. Dean and Professor Social workers are passionate in their dedication to making waves and moving mountains on behalf of people and communities. There is a range of approaches and specializations within our profession but the shared goal is ultimately to change or transform lives. Transformation is pursued by applying professional knowledge and skills in clinical settings and in nearly every sector of our global national and local communitiesgovernment advocacy groups health care and nonprofit social service organizations and corporations. Jane Waldfogel M.ED. Ph.D. Compton Foundation Centennial Professor of Social Work for the Prevention of Childrens and Youth Problems One of the great things about Columbia is how broad our definition of social work is. Many of our students and faculty are doing clinical social work theyre interested in working directly with individuals and families. Many people are working at the organizational level so thats their definition of social work. And still others are working in social policy which is a long and distinguished tradition within social work. 1 1 ZHANJIE SI MSW CSSW09 Director of the Aizhen Community-Based Rehabilitation Development Program in China Social work is about how to help people in the right way. Its not so easy to help someone even if you have the best of intentions. I wanted to study social work so that I could better serve people.