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13 25 STUDENT CAUCUSES JOEL LIVINGSTON MSW14 I joined the Black Caucus because its important for students of color to have more of a voice at CSSW and to strive to give back to the Harlem community. ESTRELLITA ALVARADO HERNANDEZ MSW14 The Latinoa Caucus helped me transition from Arizona to New York City and Columbia University. Its my family away from home. STUDENT JOURNAL CHRISTOPHER MITCHELL MSW14 I got involved in the Columbia Social Work Review because I enjoy writing and editing. Its an important forum for MSW students to explore issues in the social work eld that they nd relevant and to take the discussion beyond Columbias campus. CHRIS EAGAR- FINNEY MSW13 My favorite part of Self-Care Day was the chance to interact with other students informally something I dont have time to do when Im in eld studying or working on assignments. SELF-CARE DAY Student Activities SPRING GALA 11 Once a year students come together for Community Day. At the 2015 event the Rev. James Singletary M.Div. UTS10 MSW CSSW10 talked with students about integrating spirituality into social work practice. Class of 2015