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beyond the bars Annual Conference Beyond the Bars is led by the Criminal Justice Caucus and the Justice Initiative at Columbia University and will bring together current efforts and future ideas to transform the criminal justice system. It is a collaborative effort from students faculty and community members across New York City. Register here for the conference For updates and more information please visit or Columbia University Presents BEYOND THE BARS A n n u a l C o n f e r e n c e March 78 2014 Friday March 7th Kickoff Event Featuring Saturday March 8th Conference Panels and Workshops Angela Davis Fania Davis Beth Richie Impact Repertory Theatre Bryonn Bain Soffiyah Elijah Transforming Systems Exploring Alternatives Examining Practice Columbia University The Justice Initiative PDSA Professional Development Self-Awareness MARCH 78 BEYOND THE BARS 2014 BREAKING THROUGH Organized in collaboration with and support from the Criminal Justice Initiative Supporting Children Families and Communties PDSA CSSW Student Union CSSW Black Caucus CSSW Feminist Caucus CSSW Asian Pacific Islander Caucus CSSW Latino Caucus CSSW Policy Caucus Institute for Research in African-American Studies at Columbia University Columbia University Law School Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs Columbia University Teachers College Students Against Mass Incarceration Barbara Martinsons Institute of African Affairs NYU Correctional Association. Substance Abuse and Recovery CAUCUS EVENT Book Talk by Chef Jesse Schenker PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SELF-AWARENESS A collaboration among students faculty and administrators Events 12 Field Education Writing CenterFinancial Aid Enrollment Student ServicesAdvising Career Development Student Support acquaint yourself with our student life6 Female 85 International 15 Average Age 26 VISITING SCHOLAR LECTURE Post-traumatic Stress Disorder By Edna B. Foa Ph.D. 10 in an ideal world Film Screening