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Several of our faculty are pioneers in engaging in social work research in other countries. Willma and Albert Musher Professor Nabila El- Bassel and Associate Professor Louisa Gilbert are the founders of the Global Health Research Center of Central Asia GHRCCA which conducts studies that lead to interventions for populations at high risk of contracting infectious diseases in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. Professor Fred Ssewamala runs the International Center for Child Health and Asset Development which aims to empower HIVAIDS-impacted children in sub-Saharan Africa. SHOLPAN PRIMBETOVA MSW CSSW09 Deputy Regional Director Global Health Research Center of Central Asia After earning a degree in pharmocology in my native Kazakhstan I was able to attend CSSW and earn a masters in social work as a fellow with the Open Society Institute Social Work Scholarship Program. I was placed with the Social Intervention Group run by Professor Nabila El-Bassel. I helped with setting up GHRCCAs regional office in Almaty where I now work. Our clinical faculty specialize in cutting- edge areas of social work practice. Professor Andr Ivanoff runs the Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT Lab within our School which holds DBT training programs for social work professionals and also offers a program for students in the Advanced Clinical track. Marion E. Kenworthy Professor M. Katherine Shear has developed a pioneering 16-step clinical treatment for complicated grief a condition that occurs when the natural response to bereavement gets stalled. Professor Shear directs the Center on Complicated Grief that is housed within our School. It offers training workshops for bereavement professionals. Erin Olivo MSW CSSW95 MPH MSPH95 PH.D. TC01 Assistant Clinical Professor of Medical Psychology College of Physicians and Surgeons Columbia University My career in integrative medicine began with taking a class on DBT with Professor Ivanoff. She was the first person who introduced me to the idea that you could incorporate mindfulness into treatment. That just really spoke to me. 9