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Our faculty is dedicated to conducting research training and advocacy on behalf of vulnerable populations. And they are equally committed to training the next generation of social work practitioners and scholars. Our policy faculty are engaged in high-level research on poverty and social policy. We have a newly opened Center on Poverty and Social Policy being led by Michell I. Ginsberg Professor Irwin Garfinkel left and research scientist Christopher Wimer which is building on the work of our policy faculty as well as on the work of the Columbia Population Research Center also housed within our School. Several of our policy faculty have written books that are used in social work schools across the country neeraj kaushal M.A. Ph.D. Professor of Social Work The best thing about working at CSSW is the chance to interact with students. I enjoy it tremendously. I learn a lot from them. Our students know why they are here and what they want to be. Social work is a very satisfying profession. It can also be challenging. I have a lot of respect for my students. Advancing Research in Populatio Columbia Population R CPRC Too Many Children Left Behind Jane Waldfogel et al. Wealth and Welfare States Is America Laggard or Leader Irwin Garfinkel et al. Failing Our Fathers Ronald B. Mincy et al. 5 meet our faculty They are among the most distinguished scholars and practitioners in the nation 8