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Yamile M. Martí Haidar, Ph.D., MSW, MA, has been teaching at CSSW since 2011. She has worked at the individual, community and policy levels and within mental health organizations, schools, community centers, and government agencies. Her clinical experience ranges from issues of substance abuse, the child welfare system, therapy and group work with families and children, in the public school system, with cancer patients, abused women and abused/neglected children, among others.

Dr. Martí has conducted research on the implementation and evaluation of a teacher training intervention for empowerment, as well as, a community empowerment intervention in Puerto Rico. She worked with Dr. Katherine Shear of CSSW in a five year randomized control trial funded by the National Institute of Mental Health designed to compare the effectiveness of Interpersonal therapy versus Complicated Grief treatment. Dr. Martí collaborated in a psycho-education intervention for young women who are pregnant and in foster care with Dr. Ellen Lukens and Dr. Mary Sormanti of CUSSW and conducted a qualitative study on the experiences of foster care mothers. Dr. Martí’s research areas include the development of resiliency and coping skills for children and women in crisis or facing adversity, the implementation and evaluation of interventions that promote positive mental health in children and women and the role of psychosocial and cultural factors on mental health.

Dr. Martí is interested in the globalization of social work education. She has conducted research on intimate partner violence, contraception and economic empowerment among Jordanian women and has worked as a social worker in Jordan and among communities in Puerto Rico. She also developed a pilot course on Cuba and Social Work with a travel component at CSSW.